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Are you Tired?

Webster's Dictionary says Tired is applied to one who has been drained...
of much of his strength and energy...
as to make one unable OR unwilling to continue.

So again we ask... Are You Tired...
   Tired of NOT being Loved...
Tired of all the Hate and Violence...
Tired of all the Greed on Planet Earth...
This Ole' World has to Offer.

JESUS can take away your Tired-Ness.

The Ministry of Jesus when he walked this earth was to HEAL US ALL

(red and yellow, black and white   WE are Precious in GOD's Sight)

Back to a Living, Loving Relationship with God and to take away the pain that Separation from God brings.

HIS Ministry is still Alive and Well, for the here and now...
Jesus is STILL in the HEALING Business Today!

If we could borrow a few minutes of your time...
we would like to give you something.
Peter and John, were entering the Temple, at the Gate Beautiful one day.
There was a crippled person, begging for money, at the entrance.
Acts 3:6 Peter said, "I don't have a nickel to my name, but what I do have, I give you:
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!"

Well, you may not be lame in the physical sense, but...
have you learned to WALK by the Spirit of the Law of Life?
Well we would like to Empower you to Rise Up and...
Walk by THAT Spirit!

Have you ever known the Joy of God in your Life? ....
or Feel like, you have lost, what you once had with God?...
we would like to share with you a little about
HIS wonderful Plan for Healing in Your Life.

Also the Lord has been giving us wonderful pearls of wisdom for the Christian Life. God instructed us
to move further into The Ministry Calling. With this vision He gave us Thawed Hearts Ministry.
When we were called, we were instructed to begin writing online, with a blog at WordPress. That location is
I write under the pseudonym of Eagle and I write 2-3 times a week as God leads me.

After six months of service at Mercy Ministries and writing the blog,
God challenged us to write a book.
We chose the title of "THE JOURNEY"
and God has made a way for us to finance it and bring it to
publication. The book is now available for sale
and we have created a website, for that purpose.

We hope, you find, useful and inspirational Knowledge here,
that will lead you further down the road, to the Kingdom of Heaven.
My friends, We are coming very close to the end of things,
as we understand them. Your life NOW (at present),
will SET your Future Destination, in God's Kingdom.

Walking away, from the life you have known, will not be that hard IF... you come to the
Revelation Knowledge that you were created for Kingdom Business.
Continue to strive, for a closer walk with God Daily, and listen for that still small voice.
The Holy Spirit will guide you, as you move ahead in His Knowledge.


The Navigation for this site is best used from the side-bar. There are image links and text links.
"Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 CORINTHIANS 14:40

The Lord has led us to design this site in an orderly fashion.
You may take the links starting with the Entrance Page .

The Main page is the Welcome-Home Index page WELCOME HOME Index PAGE which is where you are now.

The next step through our website will be to the Our Book- THE JOURNEY

About Us is a section devoted to our beliefs & our testimony
In order that you may know, the Good News, of what God has done in our lifes.
Also the story that brought us to the point of Sharing the Good News at the Christian Resource Center.

The Heart, of God's Message, to the world and the people HE created, has always been CHANGE.
The Work, Jesus did, while he was in this world, was to bring us back to HIS Way of thinking.
Study, of His crucial work, is vitally important to begin Walking: in God's Spirit, with God's Spirit.

FOLLOW is the way we learn to walk out our faith. Following Jesus in this world thru the power of the Holy Spirit.

One critical part of that daily walk with Jesus is daily study and prayer or communion with our new Father. The way we do that is thru PRACTICE .

Resources are a wonderful new part of the internet. Connecting ministries and people together is our mission call here. If your looking for internet resources we have a large collection of links available.

As ministers of the Good News we are always available. This page gives you a way Contact Us 24/7's.

If you need a special scripture be sure to check out GOD'S PROMISE BOOK . The BIBLE is a Believers Promise Book and we have catagorized some special promises in this easy to use format.

Christian Chat is a wonderful way to fellowship, pray and worship in real-time on the web with christians all around the world.

News is an important topic now days with all the global happenings. Stay up to the minute on the web with Christian Headlines and The Christian Post


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Holding forth the WORD of Life
Holding forth the WORD of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ,
that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.

Philippians 2:16
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The staff for The Christian Resource Center is located in Waynesboro, Georgia
and attend Praise and Worship at the Maranatha Community Church in Waynesboro.


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